Quit Smoking Now – Suncoast Emmy Winner – Writer/Producer/Director – Broadcast/Digital

Client: AHEC/NSU Florida

Objective: To develop a powerful PSA video aimed at raising awareness about the hazards of smoking and guiding individuals toward the smoking cessation program offered through the collaborative efforts of AHEC and NSU Florida. The video would be broadcast locally and potentially on the web.

My vision for this project was to craft a video that could elicit profound emotional responses from its audience. I conceived the idea of constructing a narrative directly from a smoker’s perspective, capturing the all-too-familiar scenario where individuals persist in engaging in detrimental habits despite the numerous admonitions from healthcare experts and, in this instance, the cautionary labels adorning cigarette packs. The intention was to create an experience akin to a distressing dream, functioning as a clear call to propel individuals toward a resolute commitment to recovery. Following the script’s composition, I created a storyboard and oversaw the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. Due to the location variance, the production was divided across two days. I undertook filming, directing, and editing the final video.

This endeavor presented a golden opportunity to foster heightened awareness, with the bonus of securing an Emmy award, underscoring the project’s impact.

Written/Produced/Filmed/Directed/Edited By Paolo Mugnaini

Category: PSA

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