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Client: NSU Florida College Of Allopathic Medicine

Objective: NSU Florida commissioned a commercial to promote its latest College of Allopathic Medicine. The primary objective was to highlight the institution’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods. The ultimate destination for this promotional video was the college’s website and YouTube channel, with the potential for broadcast. The task was to craft a visually appealing piece that exuded high production quality, all within the constraints of a modest budget and a limited crew of five.

Despite the challenge of working with a modest crew of five and a limited budget, I collaborated on scripting with the marketing director and contracted ad agency. I took the lead in shaping the visual concept, overseeing the entire process from pre-production to the final product.

The shoot spanned five days, captured through a single camera. In this capacity, I handled location selection, scouting, and booking. A carefully crafted storyboard guided our efforts, ensuring a seamless realization of our vision. As a director, I steered the talent and crew and subsequently took charge of video editing.

This comprehensive approach resulted in a compelling commercial that effectively conveyed the distinctiveness of the College of Allopathic Medicine.

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Paolo Mugnaini
Producers – Melissa Ruidiaz/Jeremy Katzman
Cinematographer/Colorist: Oscar Espino
AC: Leo Adames
Production Coordinator – Brendan Byrne
Pre-Production Coordinator – Morgan Maodus
Production assistants: Lauren McGarrett/Joseph Parker Jr./Morgan Maodus.
Music – Rainy Day by Young Rich Pixies
Executive Producers- Melissa Ruidiaz/Jeremy Katzman/Paolo Mugnaini

Category: Commercials

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